Vaatsaalyaa Charitable Trust for Education will launch design students in Asian Designer Week through DsyN BlooM Contest season two

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Through an event called ‘Trios Fashion Show 2016’ in the city, three designers will be introducing a new concept in adaptive clothing — designer wear for physically-challenged. This unique initiative will also double up as a fundraiser and as an awareness program for an orphanage called Courtesy Foundation, which takes care of kids born with AIDS.

Apart from the three designers — A. Ahamed Ansarudeen, Dinesh Kumar, and Shalini Visakan — Vignesh C, a budding actor, model and fashion choreographer, will direct and choreograph the event.

 Says Vignesh, “This is the first time in India where designer wear and adaptive clothing have been infused together. Through this, we wish to create a brand value for adaptive clothing.”

He adds, “These costumes for physically-challenged men will be designed in such a manner that they can wear adaptive clothing by themselves without any assistance. The designer wears can be worn by them for social gatherings and temple visits.”

Speaking about the three designers, he shares — “In this show, Shalini is going to design bridal wear for women and physically challenged men. Ahamed is designing western wear and Dinesh is designing western and Indo western wear for men.”

Designer Shalini shares with us on what made her be a part of the initiative — “I have designed for many shows earlier; as my husband is also confined to a wheelchair, I used to come up with specific clothes for him. When this plan was first discussed, I was extremely excited to be a part of a good initiative. The response we’ve been getting is overwhelming! A lot of people are reaching out to me. Especially my aunt, who is also in a wheelchair, is super-happy — prior to this, she wasn’t allowed in temples as she used to wear only nightwear.”

Vignesh, meanwhile, reveals, “Actress Arundhati, who has acted in films like Velathukattu and Sundattam, actor Santosh Prathap, who did the lead role in Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam and model Surya Dinkar will be the showstoppers. We are also planning to host a show, exclusively for physically-
challenged people in two to three months’ time.”

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