Indian fashion staple : my winter lehenga

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turtlenecks are an evergreen winter fashion staple – they never ever go out of style. How you wear it and what you pair it with might change with time, place, occasion and the era, but the turtleneck is always is an elegant wardrobe staple.

However in a city like mine, you could miss winter all together if you blink or sleep, let me explain – the only time you can feel and enjoy winter in Pune is between 4 am and 4:15 am, so if you wake up late and miss that teeny tiny window of time that we call winter, then you miss winter all together. So in-order to flaunt your turtlenecks and other winter layers you must either wake up early and soak it all in or like me, brave the heat and intensity of the winter sun, just for long enough to take a few pictures for the internet.

Unexpected Fashion Pairings: Lehenga + Turtleneck

Now I did try to be a good actress and emote the winter chills, but I don’t think I was very successful at it. So here I am wearing my favourite neutral evergreen turtleneck on a 40 degrees afternoon – just for you. I wear it with my all-time favourite bandhani lehenga because it was too hot for anything else, and because I love unexpected pairings. And let’s not forget about the most stunning statement necklace, that I have had the pleasure of modelling here, (Maharani Baug) when you wear something so stunning nothing else is needed at all.

BTW this lehenga belongs to my mother in law, she herself is quite a fashion lover and it makes my day when she decided to part with some of her vintage collection which I am quick to pounce upon.

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