You Don’t Impress Me Much

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I am not impressed by titles. It does not make a difference to me if someone is a king or a colonel. I am not impressed by degrees either. I know a fair share of people (hello fellow south Asians!) who have masters, double masters, Ph.D., and other medical degrees. It is their academic achievement. They deserve the credit for their hard work and more power to them for pursuing higher education, but it still does not necessarily impress me.
I am not impressed by wealth either. In fact, I am least impressed by wealth. I am amused and may be a little curious about their line of work (if they are billionaires) but still not impressed. There are one too many rich people in this world with a poor sense of style, absolutely no common sense, and even little courtesy.
Which got me to a point, where I thought – boy I am a tough audience! … but then not really. I soon reached the conclusion that I am impressed by action and intention. I am impressed by people who walk the talk. I am impressed by people who are able to achieve their goals and dreams in spite of the obstacles and adversities they might have faced. I am impressed by people who take stock of all their resources and strength and use it to make a difference in the world. I am impressed by people who are selfless.
So I guess, I am more impressed by a person’s journey to their ‘title, status, or wealth’ but not really by the end result. Because it does not really mean anything to have all those ‘things’ until you also have some substance to back it up with.
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