About Designer

Cassa de Ouro defines fashion in its closest form – let’s you be you and the societal norms be redefined to suit your comfort !! That’s just not the end of story !! The inspiration of the brand is not only a style statement for the people and by the people, but also to bridge a gap between people and nature. Nature is the prior source of inspiration behind the origination and existence of the brand – More closer you are to nature, more peaceful, serene, subtle yet sophisticated would your lifestyle be !! There is so much beauty that nature reflects upon us that there is no end of inspiration and motivation that can be drawn and dawned upon..Casaa De Ouro.. even though a Spanish name, believes in creating a Mahogany of Style with beauty, efficacy, delicacy and uniqueness, all in one !! Majority of the styles are based on creating a multidimensional connect between human and nature alongwith striking a balance between comfort and style, at the same time.

Collection Brief

A perfect balance between Modern persona, traditional style and beauty in each of the designs, the embroidery and prints show patterns of the inspired by Mother Nature and life forms around. The collection is inspired by Persian architecture. It’s the fusion wear collection in royal colours as maroon, emerald green, yellow – ocher etc enhanced with beautiful motives by royal antique zari & dori work with metal required

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