Dsyn Bloom journey

I thank Dsyn Bloom and the Jury who showed such trust in my skills that they gave me a chance to perform at INDIA RUNWAY WEEK. Each member of the team was a helping hand and they made sure that i was on the right track. I did learn a lot of technicalities.

Collection brief

Spectrum of light fascinates me. While i was struggling for an inspiration, the majestic northern lights dazzled me. I could connect to the inspiration and saw how northern lights can capture someone’s gaze irrespective of their own personalities and attributes. I always look for a broader range in my designs because I want to make a piece for every kind of a person. And voila! I had the perfect opportunity to gather all in one color. I kept variations of a single color
and played around in silhouettes to match the needs of various age groups, you can have fun in one piece and gain poise in another. Also i have used ikkat keeping a very global approach.

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