Dsyn Bloom Journey

DsyN BlooM was introduced to us by our college through a competition, through which they recognized my talent and gave me an opportunity to showcase my designs at a platform like Asian Designer Week.  The practical exposure that I am experiencing through this event is a true version of my learning as a fashion Entrepreneur.


Collection Brief

‘Substratum’ signifies an underlying layer or substance beneath the surface. The extremely nomadic lifestyle and details of Berber tribe has inspired me to take concept forward. Berber is a group of North Africa who wear large layered cloth wrapped around the body known as ‘Haiks’. In order to enhance, they wear tunics or trousers called ‘Chalwar’. Their dressing includes colorful decorative clothes. My collection consists elements like different layered fabrics, silhouette and thread belts. Further in addition, a western touch with tassels, different sleeves, collar, cape has been given. The fabrics used are green-white floral Organza in combination with green Sydney silk as well as white dupion and colored tassel to intensify the look as a decorative element in the garments that will go a long way giving the wearer the ultimate modern feel, still connected to the roots of the tribe.

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