DsyN BlooM Journey

Vaatsaalyaa came in as a blessing. They trusted my skills and gave me a chance to perform at Asian Designer Week. During the design process I learnt a lot about the technicalities, the little details. I thank DsyN BlooM for introducing me to the fashion industry and take that first step. The journey begins here.


Collection Brief

Well, all that sartorial magic has to come from somewhere, right? Inspiration is all around us. The starting point of the collection was trip to kathmandu. There I was particularly drawn to buddhism, which I have incorporated in garments through use of their paintings “buddhism thungka”. The delicate intricacy of colors, lines and meaning of every element of painting mesmerized me.

I was dedicated to create a piece for every personality. Hence, the vibrant fabrics, the cool denims, bold prints and classy drapes. The clothes are a blend of Indian diverse spirituality and arts with western culture. The 21st century silhouette and patterns are used to give a new fresh look to the era. In a way, this is my way to keep the tradition alive.

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