DrKappil Kishor dons many hats. I know him for the last 23 years and I know him as a thinker, illustrator, cartoonist, journalist, fashion designer, photographer, social worker, educationist, entrepreneur and astrologer.

The present book, however, opens up just one aspect of his personality, i.e., his knowledge and acumen in Fashion illustration, which he acquired and honed with his ability to keep pace with fast-changing world of fashion, while being associated with some of the biggest names amongst the institutes imparting education in subject ‘Fashion’ like ‘NIFT,(under Ministry of Textile) New Delhi’, ‘FDDI(under Ministry of Commerce) Noida’, ‘JD Institute of Fashion Technology’ and ‘International Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi’. Kappil’s exposure to the stream can well be understood by the fact that he is also working as Mentor for ‘FIT New York’, ‘London College of Fashion’, ‘Domas University’ and ‘Milan School of Fashion’ and is providing consultancy to various fashion houses and stores. He has more than 100 fashion shows to his name.

In recognition of his distinguished knowledge in fashion, his faculties are often utilized as jury member in fashion shows and beauty pageants and also as an external examiner specially invited by at least 10 Universities.

Through his banner “Rudraksh” Kappil also endeavors to promote and provide a platform to the budding fashion talents.

Dr. Kappil’s social works have already won recognition by the Governments, Central and State both, and award has been conferred upon him by the Hon’ble the President of India. He is awarded with Excellence Award 2018 in London Parliament UK.

This book gives a fair idea of the nuances of fashion illustration in a rather comprehensible manner, which, I am sure, will benefit the reader and student alike.

As an illustrator, he says that, there is always scope of further refinement and incorporation of fresh ideas and he, as a matter of fact, works towards that.

Before closing I would like to add a few words on matters outside of Kappil Kishor’s academic work. He possesses a wonderful fund of commonsense.  This capacity is always put at his friends’ service and of other too who call upon him for his assistance. In however critical a situation he never lost his wits or nerve.

Dr. Kappil is always given steadfast support by his wife Shivangi and his family.



Advocate on Record

Supreme court of India


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