Dsyn Bloom journey

I would thank Dsyn Bloom for the opportunity as it came right on time when i am about to finish my graduation and all set to enter the industry with a bang. The process polished my skills further, giving me an insight into the industry’s working.

Collection brief

I am a person who appreciates beauty in every form, be it organic or structure. I am a traveller and there is a nomad’s vision in my creativity for whom beauty is not category specific. My collection has influences both from organic self of a blue rose which can be seen as a part of the color gradations used in my collection and the domish arches are inspired from the roman colosseum and hence work as the structural base for the collection. The use of lot layers come from the overlap between the two distinct inspirations i had. Rose has layers in which each inside layer of petals is more beautiful and the colosseum has layers of construction in which
each different layer has a different perspective to follow.

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