Dsyn Bloom journey

Dsyn bloom came in as a great opportunity, where i could prove my talent and also i learned a
lot during the design process, which i could not have otherwise as it has given me a headstart
over other designers who have already graduated.

Collection brief

I have always been a nature lover and a curious soul. My curiosity took me to study more about
the intricate nature of these little creatures and their majestic colors motivated me to develop my
design collection. But as a budding designer, how could i have missed the opportunity and
power of experimentation in my field. I researched and was convinced that working with denim
of various kinds will be a perfect learning process and also will be a new take on my inspiration
and will help me stand out of the crowd. My collection clearly represents me appreciating
distinct insect silhouettes, my experiments with twill fabrics, and a summer vibe through the

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